Spousal Support

Once you marry somebody or constitute domestic partners, you each owe the other a mutual duty of support. Following the end of your cohabitation, however, the duty may end in some ways, but not completely. In other words, while the marriage is over, the duty for spousal support can continue. A West Covina family lawyer is available to discuss issues related to spousal support.

When is Spousal Support Owed

An important pre-requisite to the obligation owed for spousal support is “marital cohabitation”. This means that neither party owes a duty to the other spouse if they are living separate from each other. While this duty can be extended by contract between the parties following the end of marital cohabitation, this duty cannot be contracted away while marital cohabitation exists. For more information, reach out to a West Covina family lawyer.

Court Order

Following legal separation or dissolution of a marriage, a court is entitled to order one party to provide spousal support for the other spouse. The court may order “an amount, for a period of time, that the court determines is just and reasonable, based on the standard of living established during the marriage, taking into consideration the circumstances”. The propriety of such an award is judged by the circumstances of the parties and their respective standard of living during marriage and their respective needs and abilities to pay.

West Covina Family Lawyer

Ending a marriage can be emotionally traumatic and stressful. Adding to this are common issues relating to spousal support following the end of a marriage. The services of a lawyer may be useful in order to ensure that your rights are protected and handled professionally. Call Daniel V. Cota & Associates, P.C., a West Covina family lawyer, at 1-800-351-6860 today to discuss your options.

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