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  • Probation Terminated Early and case Expunged

    “I was placed on 3 years probation out of Whittier Court. I needed to terminate probation early and have my case expunged, before my work found out about it. I hired Daniel V. Cota and he was able to quickly get my probation terminated and my case expunged. Thanks again to Mr. Cota!”


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    Restraining Orders

    Have you been harassed or threatened? Has your spouse or family member abused you? You have legal protections, as your Los Angeles family lawyer will point out. You may be able to get a restraining order against the individual who is threatening your health and safety.

    What are restraining orders?

    Restraining orders are legal documents. They are also sometimes known as “orders of protection.” They are given out in order to help safeguard individuals who have been the victims of domestic violence. They may also be given in cases where an individual has been stalked or harassed.

    Who is protected?

    The order often protects an individual, also known as the “protected person.” Sometimes, the restraining order can be expanded to safeguard more than one person. For example, you could obtain a restraining order against your ex-husband, which would prohibit him from having any contact with you and your children. He may also be restricted from coming within a certain distance of you.

    Who is restrained?

    The individual who the restraining order is taken out against is known as the “restrained person.” This would be perpetrator of the threats, your stalker, or your abusive family member.

    What protections are afforded? What penalties do violators face?

    The protections of the restraining order will vary on a case-by-case basis. You may able to obtain a restraining order that applies to your home, your workplace, and other places where you frequent.

    If the “restrained individual” violates the restraining order they will be subject to legal penalties.  They may be arrested and could face fines or jail time. You can report violations of restraining orders by calling the police. You may have to show them a copy of your order.

    How do I get a restraining order?

    Orders can be obtained through a court. Your Los Angeles family lawyer can assist you with this process. Restraining orders need to be obtained through the judicial system because they need to be signed by a judge. Documents and forms will need to be filed with the appropriate court. The restrained individual must also be served with the necessary documents.

    For more information about restraining orders, contact experienced Los Angeles family lawyer Daniel Cota today at (800) 351-6860.

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