Child Support

The California Family Code describes child support as an obligation owed to a child, which is mandated as part of both parents’ duty to support their minor children in “a manner suitable to the child’s circumstances”. If you have a child and you are curious as to whether you may owe child support, a West Covina family lawyer is available to discuss your case with you.

Which Children

The obligation for parents to support their children begs the question in certain instances – which minor children am I financially responsible for? The definition of minor children which a parent must support includes all biological and non-biological children, regardless of marital status. Moreover, this applies to all parents. For example, in one case two lesbian parents had a child, one of whom was the birth mother. The court found both parents financially responsible for child support.

Length of Support

Unless there is an additional agreement by the parents or an incapacitated adult child, the duty of support generally ends when the child reaches maturity at age 18. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Known as the extended support obligation, if parents have an 18 year old, unmarried child who remains a full-time student and is not self-supporting, the duty continues until that child completes the 12th grade or turns 19, whichever comes first. To discuss this issue in more depth, contact a West Covina family lawyer.

Mutual Responsibility

Each parent has an “equal” duty to take care of and provide for the child commensurate with the provisions of the Family Code. One parent is not required to bear the entire burden of support and thus both parents are obliged to ensure appropriate care of their child.

Legal Assistance

Determining the details of a child support agreement with another spouse can be complicated and is often contentious. It does not have to be. Qualified professionals can help keep you out of court while ensuring that your child is appropriately taken care of in line with all applicable legal standards. Call Daniel V. Cota & Associates, P.C., a West Covina family lawyer at 1-800-351-6860 today.

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