Los Angeles DMV Hearing Lawyer – CVC 14100

If you are charged with DUI, the DMV will likely take action to suspend your driving privilege. Before taking such action, the DMV is obligated to notify you of it and give you an opportunity to participate in a hearing to review the evidence against you. DMV hearings are administrative and are completely distinct from the criminal proceedings against you.

Deadline for Requesting a Hearing

You must request a DMV hearing within ten days of receiving notice of the DMV’s intended action. Otherwise, the DMV will suspend your license without you having an opportunity to be heard. Therefore, you should consult your West Covina criminal lawyer immediately upon receiving notice of the hearing.

Issues That Will Be Raised at the Hearing

You have a right to be represented by your West Covina criminal lawyer at your DMV hearing. DMV hearings tend to involve highly complex and scientific evidence, and they usually do not involve extensive witness testimony. Factors that come into play at a DMV hearing include whether you were under the age of 21, whether you submitted to a blood alcohol test or refused to comply, and whether you have any prior charges against you.

How a West Covina Criminal Lawyer Can Assist

A lawyer familiar with the DMV hearing process can assist you to understand the evidence in your case and attempt to prevent the DMV from taking your license. Because DMV hearings tend to turn on the results of blood and/or breathalyzer tests, your West Covina criminal lawyer will attempt to challenge the method by which your testing was done, the procedure for collecting the sample, and the procedure for preserving the results. If he or she can suppress your test results, your chances of keeping your license increase significantly. Additionally, your lawyer will investigate whether the equipment the police used to test your intoxication was properly maintained and operating correctly.

After your hearing, you will receive a written decision notifying you of whether your license will be suspended. If the decision is unfavorable, you should consult your West Covina criminal lawyer to evaluate whether a request for administrative review or an appeal to the superior court is warranted.

If you have been notified that your license could be suspended, contact a West Covina criminal lawyer immediately.  Do not delay and risk missing the deadline for requesting a hearing.  West Covina criminal lawyer Daniel Cota, Esq., will make sure you hearing request is filed on time and will represent you at the hearing and fight for your driving privileges.  To schedule your free consultation, call Daniel V. Cota toll free at 800.351.6860

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