Family & Criminal Law Overview

Family Matters

The ending of a marriage is an extremely difficult and emotional time in most people’s lives. It is a good idea to discuss your matter with a West Covina family lawyer sooner, rather than later, especially if children are involved.

There are many things to be aware of and understand about the legal process. Your West Covina family lawyer can offer you suggestions and strategies that can minimize the stress and cost of the experience. You should be aware of all of your legal options (contested and non-contested), including the anticipated legal costs of each, and any additional costs related to property (i.e., pension evaluations, business evaluations, etc.) and custody matters (i.e., expert testimony, psychological evaluations, etc.). Developing a good plan before you head into a divorce or separation, or doing so as soon as possible after the process has begun, is ideal. It is often difficult to make rational calculated decisions and plan for the future in midst of emotional turmoil. An experienced Covina family law attorney will be able to offer you sound advice to help you make good decisions to create a positive future for you and your family.

Children are the priority.

A good attorney understands that your children are the number one priority. It is important to know that certain actions and in-actions on your part can negatively or positively impact your case. An experienced West Covina family lawyer can offer you important guidance to make sure you end up with a parenting arrangement that works well for both you and your children. Your attorney will also be able to explain how child support determinations are made and give you a good idea of the support award likely in your case.

Criminal Matters

It is incredibly important that you understand your rights in a criminal matter. You should consult with a West Covina criminal attorney as soon as possible after a situation has occurred, ideally before you give statements to the police.

It is very common for police officers to make errors in their investigative techniques, especially in juvenile matters. With the help of an experienced West Covina criminal attorney, these errors may result in the submission of critical evidence to your case, or even a dismissal of the matter. A West Covina criminal attorney can investigate into your case and acquire important documents to advise you as to the potential defenses available.

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